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    Lately we’ve been doing some really fun promotions with our local radio stations – Slumber Parties. These are women-only events held at a local hotel. Ladies get a group of four or more together and party all night! The events include lots of food and drinks, entertainment, and vendor booths (that’s where we come in!)

    We set up a sampling of all of our merchandise (we even have a portable fitting room) and get to show potential customers what we’ve got. We’ve found that we draw a lot of traffic to our store this way from women who might not ordinarily think they’d be interested in shopping at a western store. What changes their mind? Usually it’s our jeans.

    Western brand jeans aren’t what they used to be. Gone are the “mom jeans” of years past with high waists, stiff dark denim and plain pockets.  Most of our jeans are low rise and ultra low rise with one very special feature that sets them apart – they come up an inch higher in the back. Designed for extra coverage and no gap in the back when sitting in the saddle, this design appeals to just about everyone. No one likes that “exposed” look when sitting down, whether it’s at a restaurant, at a desk or on a motorcycle.

    Denim has changed too. Cotton used to make denim now is super soft and comfortable with just the right amount of stretch for a flattering fit but not so much that we have the “baggy butt” look by the end of the day.  We recommend a very snug fit to start- they will then stretch to fit your body and it’s almost like having custom fit jeans. Pocket shapes and placing are important also – the right pocket can accentuate, define or reduce your derriere and all you have to do is step out of the fitting room.

    Then there’s the decoration. Bling is in on pockets! Miss Me jeans feature an extra low rise and slimming fit with tons of sparkling detail. Rock and Roll Cowgirl jeans are built much like Miss Me with touches of leather and studs to set off the bling. Brands like Ariat and Cruel Girl have drawn inspiration from True Religion and incorporate heavy stitching in contrasting colors for those who want a little less shine. Cowgirl Tuff appeals to our girls that love American Eagle jeans – low rise, super comfortable and they fit almost everyone. Rock 47 by Wrangler are GREAT butt jeans (very flattering) and come in a variety of styles with lots of bling and decorative stitching. Speaking of Wrangler, don’t forget to try their new jeans and shorts in the Booty Up line—the denim is sewn in a special way with built in darts to give you the most flattering “booty” ever!

    Western fashion has certainly (and thankfully!!) evolved to put the emphasis on fashion, and that’s something people from all walks of life can appreciate.  It’s so much fun to see non-horsey women discover what us cowgirls have known for years – there’s nothing comfier or more flattering than your favorite pair of ‘western’ jeans and broken-in cowgirl boots! Our sales associates are all different shapes and sizes – and we’ve all found jeans that we love. Let us help you find the perfect pair of jeans for you!

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