Are you planning a western wedding? You’ve come to the right place! We have our very own western wedding planner at our store in Erie, Pennsylvania!

    You might already know Mary Zurn as our event coordinator for all the fun activities hosted in our store and around the Erie area at fundraisers, trade shows, and conventions. But, what you might not know is that Mary has a long history in wedding planning and uses her talents to help brides make their country wedding dreams come true!

    Be sure to review our Western Wedding FAQ at the bottom of the blog post for helpful tips!

    Mary – Designer Wedding Planner

    Mary grew up right here in Erie, PA, but she moved to Toronto, Ontario in high school. Mary began her career in wedding planning at her first job at a flower shop in Toronto. Mary moved back to Erie to open her own florist and wedding shop where she became well-known for planning large and unusual weddings and events. Eventually, Mary’s interest in wedding planning exceeded her desire to be a florist, and she left her florist shop to plan mall bridal shows.

    Mary Zurn

    Mary’s experience extended well beyond church weddings; she has planned weddings at the Plaza and Four Seasons! Some of her work consisted of glamorous weddings with Gucci and Oscar de le Rente wedding gowns and Versace shoes!

    Mary still has ties to big city weddings. She attends Fashion Week in NYC every year where she gets updates on the latest wedding trends and meets new designers. Many of Mary’s ideas for our local brides incorporate mainstream fashion with western flair.

    Not Much Of A Country Girl

    Mary will tell you she was not all that country. A self-proclaimed “big city girl,” Mary got on her first horse at the age of 45, and she was instantly addicted! With her favorite horse, Lightning, Mary now spends some of her free time playing around with barrel racing. Her newly discovered hobby also includes trail riding and chasing cows.

    Mary’s interest in horses grew from riding to volunteering at a therapeutic riding center where she is the only western cowgirl among a bunch of English riders. Despite their differences in riding styles, their love of horses brings them all together for one great cause.

    Mary Zurn

    How We Can Help YOU!

    While working in retail, Mary realized the desperate need for someone to help brides coordinate the details of their own weddings. Mary began her career with Head West Outfitters and was immediately able to use her wedding planning experience to aide customers with country weddings. It was a match made at the western altar!

    Customers receive a variety of assistance from Mary and the team at Head West Outfitters – whether you are in the Erie area or even live outside the United States. Mary can work with customers in the store or by email and phone to help make arrangements and offer advice.

    Bride & Groom

    If you just need help selecting boots for your bridesmaids, Mary can help! If you have questions about tying western elements into a traditional wedding, Mary can help! Besides offering help with your wedding attire, Mary helps brides find horses for photo shoots, venues, florists, DJs, cakes, western accessories, and can even help create country table decorations. She can also help you find the perfect pair of cowgirl boots to match your designer wedding gown.

    One of Mary’s greatest wedding skills is in matching cowboy boots, dresses, wedding gowns, cowboy hats, and accessories for the bridal party, parents of the bride and groom, and even wedding guests.

    Mary’s experience helps her walk brides through the planning process and gives advice on how to make each bride’s own style show through. The country wedding trend is growing, and we have just the gal to help you pull off your own!

    Contact Mary For Your Own Wedding

    As you can see, Mary has an abundance of experience with many aspects of wedding planning. Not only can she help you pick out a straw hat for your next country music concert, she’s your best choice for designing table arrangements for your country wedding reception, cowgirl boots for the bride and bridesmaids, and western wedding attire for the groomsmen.

    If you are planning a western wedding, give Mary a shout. She will be happy to assist you in the store. If you’re not in the Erie, PA area, send an email to mary@headwestoutfitters to see how she can help.

    Wedding Boots


    Do I have to wear a western dress for my country wedding?

    No, not necessarily. Just because you have a “country” theme doesn’t mean every aspect of your wedding has to be western. I recommend you find the dress that you fall in love with at first sight, and then start adding in western accessories and cowgirl boots to give it country wedding style.

    I just had a bride pick out the most beautiful strapless, pink, all-lace wedding gown. On its own, it didn’t have country flair at all. We paired the traditional dress with brown Ariat cowgirl boots with pink stitching and a brown Bullhide cowgirl hat with pink flowers. The end result was gorgeous with just enough western accents to not be over the top or “costumey.”

    If I wear cowgirl boots with my wedding dress, should my husband wear cowboy boots with his tux?

    If he wants to sport a little western attitude of his own – yes! It’s not a requirement that you both wear cowboy boots for the wedding. It would offer some fun photo opportunities if you did, but if the groom is more comfortable in dress shoes, find another accessory for him to wear to match your country theme – perhaps a bolo tie!

    The Boys In Boots

    Do my bridesmaids’ boots have to match?

    Absolutely not! This choice is entirely up to you. If your wedding is traditional, formal, or you prefer a clean-cut, coordinated look, do match your bridesmaids’ cowgirl boots. However, if you prefer a funky, wild, or casual style, allow your girlfriends to wear different boots. The resulting look is unique, fun, and visually interesting.

    Check out these examples of weddings I’ve helped plan!

    Matching Everything But Boots  Unique & Casual

    Should I require my guests to wear cowboy hats or western wear?

    There’s no hard rule that says guests must arrive in western wear just because you’re having a western wedding. If you are having a formal wedding, guests might prefer to know that western dress is preferred. If your wedding is more casual, let the guests choose their attire.

    The best way to handle the announcement is by including a note on the invitation informing invitees of your preference. Make the statement a simple suggestion to allow guests to get caught up in the theme with you, but not to discourage those who aren’t comfortable in western dress.

    We have some inexpensive cowboy hats available that some brides have placed on the table as decorations for the reception. Brides then extend the offer for guests to wear them if they choose. Usually, they do! Imagine the amazing photos you’ll get with a party full of guests sporting western hats!

    Do you have a question we’ve not answered? Leave a comment for personal assistance! We appreciate your feedback and look forward to helping you with your dream wedding!


    Did you have a western wedding? We’d love to see your pictures on Facebook!


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