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    Undoubtedly, Taylor Swift is nothing short of an amazing singer & songwriter.  Her recent win as Entertainer of the Year at the ACMs proves she has talent and that people love her.  But, is this talent really country?

    Born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania, Taylor was launched to stardom in 2006 with the release of her debut single Tim McGraw at the tender, young age of 17.  (She wrote the song her freshman year of high school.)  Taylor’s voice became instantly recognizable, and her songwriting skills made quite the impression on the country music community.   Five years later and millions of albums sold worldwide, she’s moved to Nashville and is one of the most iconic country stars in the industry.

    Interestingly enough, the passion in Swift’s lyrics all resonates from her own personal life experiences, just like most country songs past and present.  This is not unusual in itself, but becomes rather impressive when considering her young age.  While the loved-and-lost theme she often writes around is typical of country’s heartbroken songwriters, the upbeat tempo of her music and catchy, more non-traditional singing style has placed her music on “hit” radio stations around the globe. You may be jamming to Swift’s “Mean” one minute and Lady Gaga the next.  Seems kind of strange.

    Taylor’s music is not the only “country” song to find it’s way into pop radio. A few other renowned artists such as Faith Hill, Lady Antebellum, and Rascal Flatts are also being played on non-country stations.  So what gives – can Taylor Swift be country and pop?  Can country be pop and still be country??

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