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    Your jeans could be making you look fat!

    No one wants that! You love jeans – durable, comfortable, stylish. Let’s learn to love our jeans a little more by making sure our jeans are flattering for your figure!

    PROBLEM #1: Jean size is too small

    If your jeans are too small, the denim is going to suction cup to every curve of your body. Too small jeans result in a very unflattering squeeze. This is where we see the dreaded “muffin top” – that unsightly roll of skin bulging over the waistband of your jeans, and “pancake butt” – a flattened backside from overstretched fabric.

    The best solution is simply going up a size or finding a jean with more stretch. If you go up a size, just cut out that darn size tag. It will immediately make you feel better! It’s just a size, and what’s more important than that number is feeling and looking good in your jeans.

    If you look for more stretch, check labels for cotton denim with lycra and spandex blends. The right amount of stretch really adds to the flattering factor in jeans. Stretch denim will hold in trouble areas, such as the thigh, and make them appear thinner.

    We recommend: Ariat Ruby Sweetpea Boot Cut Jeans

    PROBLEM #2: Jean size is too big

    It might seem like a good thing to be able to easily slip into your beloved denims, but if your jeans are baggy, it’s just going to make you look bigger than you really are. Besides that, you might give the appearance of having a saggy backside. Perk that baby up with a smaller size, and if you just can’t live without a looser fit to your jeans, try a boyfriend fit or relaxed fit jean. Both styles offer a slightly larger cut in the hips, thighs, and sometimes waist to give you a little more room to move – without the sag!

    We recommend: Wrangler Cash Blazing Trail Ultimate Riding Jeans

    PROBLEM #3: Gap in the back

    If you’re accidentally showing a bit of skin when you sit or squat, there could be a few issues to address. First, are your jeans too small? If they cut you in half when buttoned, probably yes. Going up a size should help in reducing your overexposure.

    Second, is the rise too low? If the jeans sit far below your waist, to the point that your rear is almost exposed while standing, you might need to find a jean with a higher waist “rise” – which is the length of the jean from the waistband to the crotch seam (usually a few inches below the bottom of the zipper).

    We recommend: Rock and Roll Cowgirl Mid Rise Studded Pocket Jeans

    Refuse to give up the low rise look? We’ve got that covered! Try a jean specifically designed to have a higher rise in the back. With the exception of Miss Me Jeans, all the jean brands available from Head West Outfitters feature a higher back rise.

    You can rock the low slung look in the front, and the jean, unnoticeable from the front and side, gives you a higher waist in the back for better coverage while sitting. These jeans were designed for riding, but you can appreciate the technology on or off your horse.

    We recommend: Wrangler Booty Up Sizzlin’ Diva Jeans

    PROBLEM #4: Wrong rise

    Besides the previously mentioned overexposed backside from too low of a rise, having too high of a rise could also give you an unflattering jean look. When your waistband sits super high on your waist (way above your navel), you are elongating your entire midsection. If you have a super toned derrière and abs of steel, that might not be such a bad look. For the rest of us, you could be making your bottom look much, much bigger and your tummy bulged.

    The waistband should sit near your natural waist, allowing you to easily button your jeans and comfortably move throughout the day. If you are constantly pulling up your jeans, your rise might be too low. If you are practically tucking your shirts into your bra, your rise is too high. If you want a flattering rise that’s perfect for everyday wear, consider a mid rise waist jean.

    We recommend: Rock and Roll Cowgirl Embroidered Mid Rise Jeans


    Slimming jean tips from the experts:

    • Remember that size is just a number! Only you know the size of your jeans, and you will look your best (and thinner!) if you’re wearing the correct size.
    • A flattering fit should also be comfortable – don’t sacrifice one for the other.
    • A quick and easy way to slim your  figure is to choose a dark denim wash – darker shades tend to be most slimming. Exaggerated shading and whiskering details at the thigh area also has a visually slimming effect.
    • Petite women should choose a slender leg silhouette. Stay away from dramatic flare and extreme boot cut legs, which could make your legs and hips appear wider. Narrow leg cuts (tapered leg, skinny jeans, straight leg) will give you a lean and elongated look.

    If you need personalized assistance in finding a perfect fitting pair of jeans, here’s how we can help.

    • Visit or contact our store for help. Our trained associates are knowledgeable on rises, fits, and the perks of each brand our store carries.
    • If you aren’t close to our store and need help, just post your comments below. We’ll gladly consult our jean experts and get you help right away!


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